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Anniversary 2021

How is it the end of June already? 

We're halfway there! We are flying through the year, and mapping our way towards 2022. This month we've had lots of product news and releases, so check out our latest updates. We had the Pix4D Community Challenge with PIX4Dcatch - explore the epic models our Community members made.

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A model for the win!

Our PIX4Dcatch Community Challenge asked users to show us how they are using terrestrial modeling in construction. They processed with PIX4Dcloud, and showed us projects ranging from wave simulation to building restoration. 
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Case study: how to run a successful photogrammetry workshop 

What makes a workshop successful? A technical college in France ran two PIX4Dmapper workshops in Cameroon, and shared how they made it relevant for local surveyors.

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PIX4Dmatic 1.15: Arbitrary Coordinate Systems and more!

The latest version of PIX4Dmatic brings arbitrary coordinate system support, automated features, and 50% faster densification. Download it now, or start your free trial!

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When less is more: streamlining telecom inspections

Using a drone to inspect a cell tower saves time, money, and keeps everyone safer because it saves inspectors and engineers a high climb. The results from drone inspections are high-quality 3D replicas of reality - this is how to get the best out of them.

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UAV imaging: the future of yield prediction research

With crop management research, the crop yield is the most important information. Drone mapping provides the information that can give farmers and growers better yields with multi-spectral imaging. 

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Automatic target detection: what is it? 

PIX4Dmatic 1.15 now has AutoGCP detection. The AutoGCPs algorithm automatically locates targets in images and detects their centers with pixel-level accuracy. Find out how this will revolutionize your workflow.  

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The Tie Points

Some stories to keep you up-to-date with the rest of the photogrammetry world, as well as some unconventional uses: