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Anniversary 2021

Hello All!

Pix4D is 10 years old!     ¡Pix4D cumple 10 años!    Pix4D ist 10!

It's our birthday! We are celebrating 10 years of Pix4D with a brand new logo. Check it out and read the blog about it below. We've also shared some of our best and most exciting work from the past decade. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and stay tuned for your latest in photogrammetry.

Your Pix4D Team

Pix4D Logo

10 years of Pix4D

We are celebrating our 10th birthday! Pix4D is launching a new logo for our anniversary, and we'll be sharing stories about the early days on our social media. Learn about the rebranding process and how we are celebrating on our blog (available in ES, DE, and JA). 
Discover more

Surveying the biggest solar power plant in North America - with drones

Green energy is spreading! Check out how the Villanueva Solar Park was mapped with drones, including using thermal imagery to inspect solar panels.
Inspect bigger

3D scanning on site: speeding up inspections for excavations

Pix4Dcatch is transforming site inspections in Denmark, where visits to sites are being cut thanks to 3D models captured with the latest iPhones and iPads.
Saving time

Mapping Beirut after the explosion

When a deadly explosion rocked Lebanon in 2020, humanitarian organizations rushed to help. Pix4Dcloud was used to survey the city to use the map as a resource for emergency responders and local authorities. 

Mapping for good

3D modeling the most recognizable mountain: the Matterhorn

The first time the Matterhorn was mapped was in 1792 and involved using a chain to make measurements. In 2018, we did it by drone. See how technology conquered the mountain.

Innovative maps

Drone mapping for analyzing animal feed crops with Pix4Dfields

Livestock is critically dependent on other crops for food. Using precision agriculture helps bring the Green Revolution to livestock feed agriculture in Mexico.

Farm better

The Tie Points

Some stories to keep you up-to-date with the rest of the photogrammetry world, as well as some unconventional uses: