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September 2021

Happy end of September!

We are very excited for October, and the Pix4D User Conference. Have you registered? It's right around the corner - make sure you are signed up to attend. 

Besides that, we have a brand new workshop for PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey, the chance to book a live demo day with the viDoc RTK rover, and our latest use cases and software updates. 

Got any questions, or want to feature in your own use case? Hit reply to get in touch! 

Your Pix4D Team


Saving weeks of work: surveying a solar park in the UAE

Solar power plants include millions of solar panels. Inspecting them all could take weeks - unless you use drones and photogrammetry. Find out how Falcon Eye Drones tracked progress on building the site and maintaining it with drones and PIX4Dmapper. 
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In the field: researching best practices in agriculture

Precision agriculture means saving money, time, and resources with specialized applications and equipment - like PIX4Dfields. This is how AgroLabs test fertilizers with PIX4Dfields.

Smart crop care

PIX4Dmatic & PIX4Dsurvey new workshop

Join our expert training team int his brand new course all about using PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey to go from raw data to processing, analyzing, measuring, and getting results ready for CAD. 

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What to expect at the Pix4D Virtual User Conference 

The Pix4D Virtual User Conference: From the Ground Up is just next week! We will be sharing new deals, product updates, and having talks from expert speakers. Have a look at what speakers are coming, how the event will work, and how you can take part in the exciting event! Use the invitation code PIX4DGUEST and register for free. 
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PIX4Dsurvey 1.18

The newest update for PIX4Dsurvey includes making volume measurements, import of PIX4Dcatch projects processed in PIX4Dmatic, and editing point cloud selection. Find out how it boosts your surveying!
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viDoc RTK demo day

Want to see the viDoc RTK rover in person? Book a demo day with our team who can travel to you to showcase the viDoc RTK rover and how it can revolutionize your workflows.
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The Tie Points

Check out these stories to keep you up-to-date with the rest of the photogrammetry world, as well as some unconventional uses:

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