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January 2022

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How can you use scalability to succeed in telecom inspections? How can a slow-moving landslide be mapped with drones? Can you prove that a building inspection with photogrammetry works? Find out in the latest blogs and stories from Pix4D! 

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Large scale success in the telecom industry

Scalability is what sets drone inspections apart in telecom. Not only can drones cut inspections down from 24 hours to 1 hour, but the speed and efficiency can be replicated over and over at different sites - and it's saving customers money and time! 
Inspection success

Proving it works: drone building inspections

How can drones be used to inspect a building? Is it as useful as we say? Find out how this company used PIX4Dmapper for a building inspection that resulted in a 3D printed model of their office! 

Find out how! 

Hitting the slopes! Mapping a brand new ski resort

The perfect piste needs the right combination of steepness and speed - which requires careful planning. A new resort was being planned in Colorado, surveyors used PIX4Dmapper to plan their perfect piste map. 

Speed and snow!

A slow-moving landslide, a fast-moving response: surveying for public safety

When a 14 meter (45 ft) crack opened in the hills above the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, one team set out to measure it. They needed to measure the size of the crack, how much land might move, and where it might go. This project helped prevent a landslide and helped authorities prepare for the worst - all thanks to drones and photogrammetry! 
Surveying a landslide

Your 2021 wrap up for inspection with Pix4D

The features that changed the game in 2021 for inspection, from new languages to new asset management. Find out how our inspection platforms changed - for the better! 

2021 Inspection wrap up

Support: PIX4Dcatch, GCP collection, and viDoc

Thinking of trying out the viDoc RTK rover this year? This is how you get RTK accuracy from a mobile device and mark your GCPs when collecting data in the field. 

Better accuracy

The Tie Points

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Here are some of our favorite stories from drone mapping and photogrammetry this month: