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2021 wrap up!

Happy 2022!

From all of us at Pix4D, we wish you all the best for the new year. We wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite use cases from 2021, and our biggest achievements. This year, we brought you the viDoc RTK rover, two eBooks on drones at work, a 24-hour virtual conference, and hundreds of use cases and articles.

We have lots in store for you in 2022, including upcoming releases for several products - in industries ranging from agriculture to inspection, as well as new webinars, new events, and our next User Conference. 

There is lots more planned for the next year, but we want to say thanks for being with us so far. Stay tuned for news, software updates, and surprises! 

Your Pix4D Team


LiDAR: once the future, now in our hands

We started 2021 by defining exactly what LiDAR is, and how it can be used with photogrammetry. Now, PIX4Dcatch can use it for single point measurement and PIX4Dmatic can fuse LiDAR and photogrammetry point clouds. Check it out! 
Discover LiDAR at Pix4D

Automating a cell tower inspection - in an hour

When it comes to rooftop cell tower inspection, saving time means saving money. Find out how PIX4Dinspect cuts these inspections down to just 1 hour and helped improve engineer safety. 

Effective inspections await

Mapping a disused manufacturing facility

Out with the old, in with the new! One of our more technical use cases explored how PIX4Dmatic and PIX4Dsurvey assisted professional surveyors in mapping this site for redevelopment. 

Check it out!

Variable rate application, precision agriculture, and improved yields: need we say more?

Our free eBook about drones in agriculture was one of our favorite projects this year, where we showcased the various ways drones can be used by growers around the world, whether they want to start their crop cycle with soil analysis, or plan spot spraying treatments, and more. Did you download your free copy? 
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How are PIX4Dcatch and PIX4Dcloud saving time? 

A handheld 3D scanner means contractors can create identical replicas of their sites that are accurate and easy to share - from mobile device to conference room laptop in minutes. 

Solutions in-hand

Flying a warehouse fire with PIX4Dreact

Professional firefighters need technology that helps them in high pressure situations - which is why PIX4Dreact's fast mapping is ideal. Discover how this team used it.

Reacting fast

The Tie Points

Here are some of our favorite stories and news articles from 2021, ranging from drone football to epic use cases from around the world!